About Us

Our History, Philosophy and Passion

Our History

The journey of taste and exceptional cuisine began in 2012 when Chef Stefanos Theodoridis, with a love for cooking and a passion to share his dishes, opened Ellinikon Geusipolion on Ethnikis Amynis 63, Drama. The top-quality ingredients and customer service have always been at the core of our philosophy.
With a passion for continuous evolution, our Chef has created a menu that combines tradition with creativity. His dedication shines through in every dish, making Ellinikon Geusipolion a destination for culinary delights.

The warm support from our patrons led us to expand to Kavala, where we opened Ellinikon Geusipolion at Agiou Nikolaou 4, in 2020. Our restaurant's space boasts a historic atmosphere with distinctive architecture that blends Mediterranean flavors with high aesthetics.
While our menus remain faithful to Mediterranean cuisine, they feature unique dishes born from our love and dedication to food. Appetizers, risottos, pasta dishes, meats, and seafood all feature carefully selected ingredients and showcase our culinary artistry to the fullest. 

Ellinikon Geusipolion is more than just a restaurant. It's a taste story, a love for cooking, and a journey of flavors that we proudly share with you, our customers. Welcome to the world of gastronomy!

Our chef

At Ellinikon Geusipolion, gastronomy is art, and our chef, Stefanos Theodoridis, is the artist who elevates it. With a professional career spanning many years in various parts of Greece and abroad, Stefanos has gained extensive experience in the art of cooking.
What sets our chef apart is his dedication to creating dishes with passion and craftsmanship. Every recipe on our menu is the result of his inspired imagination and skill. He is the one behind the organization of our kitchen and imparts a unique character to each dish.
Chef Stefanos is the heart of Ellinikon Geusipolion, making his presence in our restaurants indispensable. With his personal influences and his passion for food, he creates an unforgettable gastronomic experience for our customers.

Indulge in the flavors crafted by our chef with love, and visit us for a dining experience you won't forget.